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I feel that the time has come...

I feel that the time has come for me to give proof of the sincerity of my gratitude for Christian Science. I could fill pages telling of how the influence of this religion has mentally aroused and thus, often instantaneously, healed me and members of my family. I should like now to relate two experiences which to me were milestones on the way to increased spiritual understanding.

We lost all our property in the Second World War and were compelled to furnish a new dwelling with old household effects which were given us. One day I discovered that vermin had been brought into the house with some of these effects. First I thought of getting an exterminator, but who could say for sure that all the vermin would really be destroyed? in Christian Science we learn that everything occurring in human life takes place in thought and that nothing happens outside thought. I decided to turn to Science for the solution of the problem.

The following questions came to me. Can the body say to you that it is bitten? Is the body intelligent, and can it tell you anything? The answer is No it is thus thought which speaks. A harmonious thought expresses nothing inharmonious. I discovered that ingratitude for the things received, rebellion, and a feeling of uncleanness were the pests robbing me of my harmony in consciousness. Through the recognition that they do not exist in the only Mind, God, the troublesome thoughts were deprived of any foundation. The problem was solved. In the course of many thorough house cleanings no more vermin were seen.

The Bible Speaks to You
RADIO PROGRAM No. 157 - You Can Defeat Poverty
April 10, 1965

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