The Necessity of Obedience

To have an abstract theory about divine law is one thing. To obey it is quite another. God's law has many spiritual facets, but obedience to it is a practical demand. Those who recognize and fulfill this demand make rapid progress in overcoming mortal sins and spiritual limitations.

The world seems, on the one hand, to be in a disobedient mood; lawless materialism would take over the human mind and urge it on in stubborn self-determination, leaving God, or Truth, out of consideration. But on the other hand, God is being recognized by many as the great Lawgiver, whose mandates are inescapable. Those who take this stand are bringing their lives into conformity with the divine will, and they know that the extent to which they are blessed is in the measure of their obedience.

God's Man Is Not a Delinquent
May 12, 1962

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