Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health...

Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health (p. 183): "Divine Mind rightly demands man's entire obedience, affection, and strength. No reservation is made for any lesser loyalty. Obedience to Truth gives man power and strength." When a small baby, my daughter was stricken with a severe case of eczema. Christian Science treatment was lovingly given, but for a while the child became worse rather than better.

During this period members of the family not interested in Christian Science, but wishing to help suggested and even provided so-called healing medications. It was not always easy to stand firm, but stand I knew I must and did. I was reminded by the practitioner to put the child in God's care and His alone. I was afraid, but I knew I must trust the Father-Mother God. That right decision brought the light of dawn, which slowly but surely banished the darkness of fear and doubt. The healing has been permanent, and my daughter has since had many compliments on the loveliness of her complexion.

Another experience, which concerned a small nephew, has been most helpful to me for many years.

Testimony of Healing
I regard Christian Science with...
March 8, 1958

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