I regard Christian Science with...

I regard Christian Science with a constantly increasing conviction of its truth and of its efficacy in our lives. This Science is daily becoming more precious to me as the only satisfying and truly practical way of Life.

During many years of battling material sense I have been enabled to see increasingly the absolute unreality and powerlessness of all that this sense has to offer or to threaten us with. I have learned that only by our being steadfastly obedient to the teachings of Christian Science can its power be demonstrated in our lives. No halfhearted effort at learning and living the truth can prove its value, but humbly trusting God and following His guidance so abundantly revealed to us in Christian Science will enable us to attain the peace that passes understanding and triumph over every claim of evil, whether physical or mental.

I have had many proofs of the healing power of Christian Science. In addition to experiencing protection from harm, I have had healings of such problems as a serious eye infection, influenza, internal disorders, headaches, colds, and injuries.

Mrs. Eddy Mentioned Them
Dr. John Abercrombie, 1780-1844
March 8, 1958

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