[Of Special Interest to Young People]

Higher education in the human realm requires a good measure of mental discipline in mastering new subjects and in assimilating vast funds of information. Mary Baker Eddy had a keen appreciation of education and points out on page 195 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" that "academics of the right sort are requisite." In gaining an academic education, students of Christian Science are greatly helped by the liberating truth that God is the only Mind and that they are not endeavoring to enlarge the capacities of a limited brain.

It was in pondering the Scriptures that Mrs. Eddy found that an omnipresent Being supremely intelligent and good, unerring in wisdom and justice, must be conceived of as infinite Mind. Realizing, as they do, the spiritually mental nature of God and man, students of Christian Science know that their intelligence is the result of demonstrating man's oneness with the divine capacities of infinite Mind and is not limited to the size of the brain, nor are their abilities affected by heredity or disposition. They reason that because man has no mind separate from God, they can claim unity with the divine intelligence and so partake of the resistless, inexhaustible energies of Spirit. Recognizing that infinite Mind expresses itself fully through its ideas and that man reflects such qualities as perception, discernment, and spontaneous knowing, they are able to put off suggestions of inability, immaturity, or ignorance. As they work from this basis, the classroom ceases to be a place where one mind with a superior fund of information attempts to implant its ideas on less well-informed minds. The purpose of education, then, is to arouse understanding to recognize, behold, and utilize true knowledge.

May 15, 1954

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