Some fish avidly take the bait offered them, unmindful of the consequences; others, though they are more cautious, finally yield to the lure, to their misfortune; and still others refuse to bite. We can learn from the fish.

Bait, deceptive and alluring, is constantly being put before mortals in many forms of evil suggestion which tempt them to react with concurrence, fear, or hate. Often the bait is an enticing suggestion to sin, or to accept the evidence of disease as being one's own condition or that of another. Daily many are tempted to accept death as a verity of being for themselves or for others.

Again, evil suggestion in the form of some person whom we see, hear, or are told of, tempts us to be critical, resentful, jealous, worried or willful, sharp-tongued outwardly, or inwardly boiling. If we react by accepting any of these suggestions as elements of our consciousness, we are like the fish which takes the bait. We have been caught by error's baited hook. Often we wonder how the unhappy results that follow, mentally or physically, came about. Eventually we discover that the trouble began when we reacted to error's suggestion with concurrence or disgust, when we should have constructively acted by repudiating it as a lie of evil and nullified it with the Christ, which reveals the spiritual idea of God and man.

November 13, 1954

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