All divine ideas originate, live, move, and operate in the realm of Spirit. Mary Baker Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 88), "To love one's neighbor as one's self, is a divine idea." This idea does not originate in oneself, but in divine Love, or Principle. We love our neighbor as ourself because we understand that God is Spirit and that we all have one Father, and therefore all men are brothers.

Spirit forms no partnership with matter in degree, design, or destiny. Matter, the outcome of material sense, is opaque and evanescent. Spirit is clear, enlightening, simple, and direct. In true being we understand the nature and presence of Spirit because we are not material but spiritual. We have our origin in Spirit; therefore our being is the expression of Soul, or Spirit. This fact exposes and obliterates the belief that we have an unconscious mortal mind filled with sins and sense impressions. Such a mind does not exist. To search the depths of the carnal mind in order to find anything true about our individuality is like looking for the multiplication table in a bag of sand. The carnal or mortal mind is mindless. It is only conjured up in belief and is as much an illusion as a mirage in the desert.

August 8, 1953

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