I was healed of alcoholism at my...

I was healed of alcoholism at my first visit to a Christian Science practitioner. I had reached the stage where I had bottles of liquor hidden in the attic, in the barn, and in several closets in the house so that my family would not see them. I was drinking at almost every hour of the day. When I went to the practitioner I was quite inebriated, and what went on in the way of conversation with her is somewhat hazy in my recollection. However, I remember that a sense of great peace came to me and that I was aware of love such as I had never known before.

When I came home from the practitioner's office that day and was offered my usual cocktail before dinner, I said, to my own surprise: "No, thank you. I don't want it." And I have never wanted or taken liquor since. I poured my hidden liquor down the sink, bottle by bottle, as I found it.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was first...
August 8, 1953

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