Each day I appreciate more the...

Each day I appreciate more the great blessing that was mine in having been enrolled in the Christian Science Sunday School at an early age. The simple truths concerning our Father-Mother God and man, His perfect idea, so lovingly taught me there have since helped me in everything I have done. During my school days, examinations were a great source of fear and worry to me, and my grades were often poor. It was in this connection that I first began to use my little understanding of Christian Science. I had to realize that "I can of mine own self do nothing" (John 5:30) and that infinite intelligence is my birthright as God's child, the expression of all-knowing Mind. This realization destroyed my fear, and the examination periods at school and later at college were harmonious and my grades were good.

Due to efficacious protective work in Christian Science, I have been free from any serious illness, and minor physical difficulties have been quickly overcome. A finger with septic poisoning, a condition which I erroneously ignored for a while, ceased to be painful and healed in one day when Christian Science treatment was applied. When I experienced a badly sprained ankle I clung to the allness of good and the absolute powerlessness of error. My mother told me that if all was well, as we knew it to be, I should make no change in my plans for the rest of that evening. This seemed ridiculous at first, as my foot was swollen and very painful, but I forced on an old shoe and went out. The pain ceased almost at once, and the discoloration and swelling lasted only a day or so. The remainder of the week was spent on a very active holiday.

Testimony of Healing
When I decided to study Christian Science...
April 18, 1953

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