Camp Welfare Activities

The following accounts of experiences of servicemen and servicewomen have been received by the Camp Welfare Activities Department and are now shared with the Field.

A naval lieutenant was confined to the hospital with a mental breakdown. Although he had been raised in Christian Science, he had not been using it for some years. He was so frightened by the medical predictions, however, that he went to the Camp Welfare Worker for help. The' Worker gave him a set of books to study with instructions to telephone for help at any hour when it was needed. There were several calls for help during the night and the early hours of the morning, but each time the arguments of bad dream, fear, and confusion were met, until they were finally conquered.

The examining doctor acknowledged that a healing had taken place, but advised against any further military activity. He recommended a medical discharge. This the lieutenant refused to accept, because he felt ready to continue with his duties. The result was a transfer to inactive duty, but without any medical label on his record. The officer now looks forward to joining the branch Church of Christ, Scientist, in his home city and to keeping up with his study of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
What a joy it is to know the...
September 13, 1952

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