Much benefit may be derived from a better knowledge of the early history of the Christian Science movement, including the toil, sacrifice, courage, obedience, and sturdy achievement of Mary Baker Eddy, who gave this movement birth. Perhaps we who are reaping the benefit of this discovery of the truth of being are prone to be absorbed in the human activities of the movement, which has encircled the globe and has given proof to Christendom that heading the sick can be a vital part of Christian ministry. Mrs. Eddy's career and achievements furnish a conspicuous illustration of the triumph of a great idea championed In a Leader with the character and ability to achieve.

The first Committee on Publication appointed by Mrs. Eddy, put it thus: "Mrs. Eddy's task has been to introduce that which, though of priceless value, is not at first so understood even by those who are to be its beneficiaries.... There was not a single material advantage, nor even a promise of reward to Mrs. Eddy from a worldly point of view. There was nothing to inspire her effort, nor to encourage her perseverance, but the consciousness of having discovered that a given attitude of spiritual thought and a given mode of life are essential to the salvation of the world from evil and distress, and since this important mission involved the glorification of God, good, we have before us the unmistakable evidence that Mrs. Eddy valued good above all things else, and was willing to sacrifice everything that she might gain it" (New England Magazine, December,1909).

June 14, 1952

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