[Of Special Interest to Young People]

Leah was a happy child and loved to sing. She had attended a Christian Science Sunday School as long as she could remember. The wonderful truth she learned there of God's goodness to all His children helped her to be happy every day in the week at home and school, as well as in Sunday School. She knew many of the hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal and sang them often. Sometimes she sang them just because she loved them; and sometimes she sang them to silence error if it tried to speak to her.

How good it would be, Leah thought, if she could have a piano and music lessons so that she could learn to play these beautiful songs as well as sing them. She spoke of this to her mother, who said that she felt it was a right desire. But she added that it did not seem possible for Leah's father to buy a piano and pay for music lessons at that time. He had not been studying Christian Science very long, and though he was working out a better sense of health and business, it did not seem that it would be kind to ask him to provide more just then than he was already doing.

April 12, 1952

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