Much is being said in these days about mental causes. Many natural scientists in various fields of research are no longer endeavoring to find causation in what they term matter, but rather are they turning to the mental realm for a solution. The prominence being given to what is called psychosomatic medicine is one of the many evidences in the press of the gradual change that is taking place.

That there is a link between one's thinking and the state of his health, his business, his domestic affairs, and all that he experiences is no new or startling discovery to the student of Christian Science, for he has learned early in his study of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy that this is a natural, logical, and provable fact. And did not the Master say (Matt. 6:22), "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"? However, unlike the materialist, who may still be unwilling to concede that all physical manifestations are the outcome of thought, the Christian Scientist goes all the way and recognizes that whatever appears as the physical condition, be it one's individual experience or that which belongs to a nation or to the entire world, has a mental origin.

With this fundamental and indisputable fact as a basis, the Christian Scientist finds no condition that cannot be rectified by true prayer. He is armed to cope with all forms of error or human ills—with sin, sickness, lack, sorrow, and the various situations arising from relationships between individuals, groups, and nations. Christian Scientists are therefore probably more concerned with their thinking than any other group of persons, for they recognize in right thinking not only a duty to God and a means of bringing out greater harmony in their own lives, but a definite way of making a valuable contribution to all mankind toward the elimination of inharmonies of every name and nature.

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April 12, 1952

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