Great beauty is seen as one looks upward; under varying conditions blue skies, green foliage, beautiful birds, rugged hills, delight the eye with splendor. Freshness and inspiration come with the upward gaze, ennobling human concepts with the patterns of spiritual sense, which is always aware of its divine source.

A British Army officer was taking his regiment to a point in the Mediterranean. The days were warm and sunny, and there was only a slight roll of the ship as it plowed through the waters. Many of the soldiers had never before been aboard a ship, and they greeted the experience with enthusiasm. After washing their clothes, they hung them on the lines. One man, with his bundle under his arm, climbed a rope ladder high up a mast and there strung his clothes to the breeze. Then, looking down, he felt the roll of the ship and saw the wide expanse of sea. There he stood, high aloft, motionless with fear. The officer recognized the difficulty and knew the solution. With encouraging voice he shouted to the man: "Look up, and then you can come down! Look up, and then you can come down!" The soldier obeyed and worked his way gradually to safety. He found that his fear was quieted by looking upward. When he kept his vision up, he could proceed comfortably.

June 30, 1951

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