A little girl who had occasionally overheard her elders discussing her was prone to ugly displays of temper. After one such exhibition she apologized to the adult in charge of her, but added precociously, "I can't help it, you know—I'm at a difficult age." Let us hope that this little girl is learning, as all others must learn, that in the light of Christian Science there is no "difficult age" either of infancy, adolescence, middle age, or of advanced years.

Life is God—changeless, whole, complete. Man's relation to God is as that of a ray of light to the sun. Man coexists with God and partakes of His nature. He is God's expression. Therefore man exists at the standpoint of perfection and in the full joy of perpetual spiritual development. He is entire and satisfied. He does not grow from babyhood to childhood, and from thence through adolescence to young manhood or womanhood, afterwards to reach maturity and finally to decline into old age and decrepitude. The belief that he does so is a fallacy of mortal mind, or corporeal sense, which can only be corrected by spiritual sense. Mary Baker Eddy writes as follows in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 300): "The universe reflects and expresses the divine substance or Mind; therefore God is seen only in the spiritual universe and spiritual man, as the sun is seen in the ray of light which goes out from it."

August 12, 1950

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