When the time for the payment of income and other taxes comes round, most people are interested in discovering the exemptions to which they are entitled, and there are few indeed who fail to claim their lawful rights in this respect. As law-abiding citizens, Christian Scientists promptly pay whatever is due to the authorities for the support of their government after claiming their exemptions. Are we always as interested, however, in claiming the still more important exemptions to which we are entitled under the law of God?

In the beautiful account of true creation with which the Holy Scriptures begin, it is written that man was created in the image and likeness of God, who saw all that He had made, and that it was very good. In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mary Baker Eddy writes (p. 127), "Christian Science reveals God, not as the author of sin, sickness, and death, but as divine Principle, Supreme Being, Mind, exempt from all evil." Since God, good, is exempt from all evil, it logically follows that man in His image is also exempt from all evil. Hence in the measure of our spiritual understanding we can reject all claims of evil, whether of sin or sickness, on the grounds of total exemption therefrom. Again our Leader says (ibid., p. 373), "If we are Christians on all moral questions, but are in darkness as to the physical exemption which Christianity includes, then we must have more faith in God on this subject and be more alive to His promises."

October 22, 1949

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