When Jesus walked abroad, those that thronged him were often healed. The woman who knew that if she could but touch his garment she would be healed is a case in point. This healing did not take place because of any special treatment which the Master gave. It was the result of the pure, spiritual nature of his thought, his clear realization of man's oneness with his Father-Mother God. This exalted state of consciousness was gained through his continuing life of prayer; through his ceaseless knowing that man is not material, but wholly spiritual; and through his constant awareness that man, as God's reflection, is and always will be perfect.

Jesus met and mastered every temptation mortal mind had to offer. Those who sought his presence and his help must have sensed this freedom from contamination with error, or sin. He ever kept before his thought the fact of man's spirituality and perfection. Despite mortal mind's mask of materiality, Jesus saw the perfect child of God. The purity of the life that he lived enabled him to reflect Truth's healing power and to effect instantaneous cures.

In "Rudimental Divine Science" Mary Baker Eddy tells us (p. 9), "The spiritual power of a scientific, right thought, without a direct effort, an audible or even a mental argument, has oftentimes healed inveterate diseases." Sometimes we may catch glimpses of this power, glimpses which cause us to pause, and to pray that we too may attain such perfection of thought in our daily lives that those whom we pass along life's way may sense the healing truth.

February 14, 1948

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