The experience of lack of housing facilities and adequate food supply, as well as overcrowding and restlessness, through which much of mankind is now passing is first lightened and then transformed for those who turn to Christian Science for relief and guidance.

There is no doubt about the sorry character of today's conditions for mankind. Error says that almost everyone lacks something he needs. Hunger seems to be the common lot in various parts of the world. If there is a place to live in, there may be inadequate income. If there is ample supply, there is frequently unsatisfactory housing. But hope, comfort, and readjustment are coming into the experience of those who look to God for help. Our blessing is in direct proportion to our growing comprehension of God as perfect Mind and of man, His image and likeness, as the individual expression of that Mind.

A returned aviator's experience with inharmonious working and living conditions has given courage to others in similar situations. In solving his problem, he was led to a Christian Scientist who reminded him of some of the facts acquired in his study of navigation. He had learned that in the world of observable celestial phenomena bodies move in fixed paths called orbits. They move, too, in obedience to a law which they had no part in making, but which exists spontaneously as the result of a great First Cause. These celestial bodies do not conflict with one another, but move in perfect rhythmic harmony with other members of their universe, thus indicating that each idea is comprised in the oneness and completeness of Mind's, God's, creation.

February 14, 1948

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