The Pre-existence of True Selfhood

Christians generally have accepted the Biblical teaching that man survives the mortal body. Mary Baker Eddy, through her spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures, has awakened us to the truth that if man's life is eternal it is not only without end, but without beginning. If man survives this mortal sense of existence and lives eternally, he must of necessity have preceded it; and he must have all the elements and conditions of eternality now. Eternal Life not only extends unlimitedly into what we call the future, but it also extends unlimitedly into what we call the past.

Mrs. Eddy has called to our attention Jesus' plain statements (John 8:58; 17:5): "Before Abraham was, I am;" and, "Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was." In "Miscellaneous Writings" our Leader tells us (p. 189), "The meek Nazarene's steadfast and true knowledge of preexistence, of the nature and the inseparability of God and man,—made him mighty."

"Enlarge thy borders"
June 23, 1945

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