I wish to express my gratitude...

I wish to express my gratitude for the good, for the numerous healings, and for the peace and spiritual unfoldment which Christian Science has brought to me. It has been proved in my experience that, as our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, states on page 369 of our textbook. Science and Health, "The prophylactic and therapeutic (that is, the preventive and curative) arts belong emphatically to Christian Science, as would be readily seen, if psychology, or the Science of Spirit, God, was understood."

There have been too many healings in our family to relate them all, but in the past year we have had many and varied proofs of God's care. One member, now on active duty with the Naval Reserve, has had constant proof of right placement. A sense of separation, at the time of his departure, was instantaneously healed, and we have been enabled to keep happy and joyous. The realization in a degree of Soul's infinite power has kept us close and helped us to feel at one in Love. In one instance, I was awakened at night feeling the need of work to be done for this loved one, and later learned that at that very hour his ship was going into its first action after his arrival aboard.

June 23, 1945

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