For over a quarter of a century...

For over a quarter of a century I have enjoyed the blessings that a better understanding of God and of the operation of His law, gained through the study and application of Christian Science, brings to man. When I took up this study it was not for my own healing, for I had accepted the verdict of incurability from two noted physicians in the Northwest. They declared that I had not only inherited but had also contracted tuberculosis, my two older sisters having passed away with this disease. Those kind physicians told me that I could never live again in my native state of Missouri, because of the low altitude. This to me was almost more than I could endure, for I felt that I must be with my parents. However, their fears as well as mine held me in the West in high altitudes.

In 1907 I was married to a young man with whom I had gone to school and who had gone West some years before. In less than a year his health began to fail. At first the physicians were not agreed concerning their diagnosis. Then we went to one who was considered one of the best in the West. After a thorough examination he prepared some medicine for my husband, and told me to come back later. When I returned to his office he said: "I am sorry to tell you this; your husband may possibly live two weeks. His is the worst case of sugar diabetes that I have ever seen."

Testimony of Healing
I have sincere gratitude for all...
June 23, 1945

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