Deliverance from Trouble

Whenever a situation arises which tempts thought to believe in discord, whether it is failure, disappointment, unjust personal opinion, bodily affliction, or somebody's hatred, it is natural to want to be rid of it. The desire just to be rid of a grievance, however, does not express such holy purpose, as the desire to find Life's better way.

To pierce the deceptive darkness with some definite ray of Truth's light enables the hopeful struggler to see that these errors are not a part of God's plan. To pray for the cessation of nonexistent error is to meet with further disappointment, for that is but a prayer admitting the present existence of something God never created, and at the same time asking for it to cease. Such prayer does not reach the divine heights of the happy realization that error never has had a place in God's creation.

Age No Obstacle
February 24, 1945

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