From the earliest times, sacrifices have been included in religious worship. Some of them have been cruel in their nature, some of them fantastic, and for the most part fruitless and unavailing. Often they have been induced by fear, superstition, ignorance, and false education, and for the most part, sacrifice has been associated with a sense of loss or deprivation. From such a viewpoint, sacrifice is approached with reluctance, fear, or dread.

The human mind may feel at times that it has to give up something desirable or worth while in order to attain a higher religious sense. Christian Science changes this viewpoint, and shows us clearly that true sacrifice is joyous, helpful, and most desirable. It invariably improves our status, bears us onward, and leads us forward to greater and higher attainment. In its primary sense, the word "sacrifice" means to make sacred. It may be thought of as that which brings us into holy, hallowed association with the divine.

What Are Our Motives?
August 5, 1944

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