"The perfume of gratitude"

A grateful man is a happy man; he is alert to good. Real gratitude carries with it a pervasive good will. The essence of it is love. The significance and value of gratitude as a human quality are often underestimated. Gratitude is not a momentary or passive feeling, and it takes more than words to express it. Gratitude has evidence in action.

If we are really grateful for a new glimpse of fundamental truth, we do not lose it or forget it. We immediately avail ourselves of it, incorporate it into our daily thinking and living, and into our approach to any subject or problem that presents itself. We value and welcome and entertain it as a continuing member of our mental household. Gratitude that is substantive includes a disposition to use progressively and love increasingly that for which it is expressed. In the soil of gratitude are sown seeds of worthy achievement.

Our Duty to Our Daily Paper
February 5, 1944

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