Universal Self-Government Now

The establishment of a workable form of self-government for all people capable of exercising it is a much to be desired goal. Christian Scientists are right thinkers, and by their right thinking can do much to point out and lead the way to this righteous objective. For the solution of this problem, as well as of all other human problems, we must turn to the one Mind, God.

In making any scientific demonstration, we begin with what we already know. In this instance, we begin by knowing that the right idea of self-government exists, is now in all-inclusive Mind. We know that in reality the divine Mind governs the universe and all within it according to law, in perfect peace and harmony. Our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 125), "Reflecting God's government, man is self-governed." That is the right idea of self-government—to reflect God's government. A right idea is universal; it is present wherever Mind is.

Christian Science Wartime Activities
December 16, 1944

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