A number of years ago an acquaintance...

A number of years ago an acquaintance persuaded me to attend a Christian Science lecture. Shortly after that I talked with a practitioner, and told her I should like to know something more about Christian Science. "Come this evening at eight o'clock and we can have a talk," she replied. I then told her that I had had pleurisy for the past year and the doctors did not allow me to go out at night. Quickly the practitioner answered, "My dear child, do you believe that God sends air to hurt His children?" That thought startled me. At eight o'clock I was at the practitioner's office, and after one treatment I never again suffered from that complaint.

I have had many healings in Christian Science, of rheumatism, internal trouble which caused acute pain and many sleepless nights, burns, results of accidents; lost articles have been recovered, lack and many other things overcome, for all of which I am indeed deeply grateful. Words, however, are inadequate to describe the happified sense of life which the study of Christian Science brings. It has given me a deeper joy and a truer understanding of Love, which attracts and blesses. It has made me more considerate of others, taught me to recognize man more as God made him, and given me a better understanding of our Father-Mother God.

Testimony of Healing
This is a tithe of gratitude to...
December 16, 1944

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