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In Christian Science the real substance and identity of man, as evidenced by such qualities as intelligence, life, beauty, strength, order, harmony, and complete satisfaction, are found to be the manifestation of Mind. Mind and its ideas are integral and one and cannot be separated or unlike. This unbroken continuity of cause and effect is a fundamental fact of spiritual existence, and because of this oneness, man and the universe are perfect. All phases of matter and error, of sin, of disease, and of death, arise from the notion that God is not All, or that He is separated from His creation.

To understand the allness of God, and the consequent oneness of God and man, regenerates human existence and constitutes metaphysical healing or the timeless appearance of the Christ as the Redeemer or Saviour. Moses, the prophets, and the disciples of Jesus discerned this Christ, Truth. Jesus recognized and lived the Christ, but the spiritual import of his teachings and demonstrations was lost sight of, and remained hidden from human perception until discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866.

"Who did hinder you?"
June 19, 1943

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