Sunday School Notes and Comments

A teacher in our Sunday school is finding the Glossary in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy a source of great revelation and inspiration. A Sunday school class is being greatly benefited by frequent use of this valuable chapter.

Such experiences as the following prove the value of this procedure. In one Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly there appeared the statement from the Bible about the Pharisees sitting in the seat of Moses (Matthew 23:2). A Sunday school pupil said: "Now, I cannot get a single thing out of that. What has that to do with us?"

The teacher then asked the pupil to look up the definition of the word "Pharisee" on page 592 of the Glossary in Science and Health. She did so and read aloud, "Self-righteousness; vanity; hypocrisy," and murmured, "Oh!" Then upon request she looked up the name "Moses" (ibid.), and read aloud, "Moral courage; a type of moral law and the demonstration thereof." The teacher asked, "How about self-righteousness crowding out moral courage?" Looking up from the book with new interest, the pupil said, "When self-righteousness claims the place of moral courage in our consciousness, it's just too bad." During these moments of the class work the teacher had been humbly recognizing intelligence and understanding as faculties of man, and was grateful for this evidence of that spiritual truth and its operation in human consciousness.

October 10, 1942

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