My heart is filled with gratitude for the manifold blessings...

My heart is filled with gratitude for the manifold blessings which have come to me through the study and application of Christian Science.

When I was quite young, my mother took up the study of Christian Science, for she had been told that through its ministrations the burden of bringing up a family could be lightened. The family joined my mother in giving the subject of Christian Science honest investigation. Despite the fact that we lived in a small town, where only a few of the inhabitants were Christian Scientists, regular Sunday services were held, sometimes in a hotel room, sometimes over a store, and oftentimes in the homes of the interested ones. Being situated near a large city, in which there are eight Churches of Christ, Scientist, this little unorganized group had many visitors, class-taught students of Christian Science and workers in the Field. Sunday school was held for my sisters, my brother, and me. We were indeed privileged to have teachers who were active in the Christian Science movement. The value of the lessons learned in early years in the Christian Science Sunday School cannot be overestimated.

Testimony of Healing
After many years of having the inexpressible comfort...
September 13, 1941

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