Only One Law

In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 200) Mary Baker Eddy states, "The foundational facts Christian Science are gathered from the supremacy of spiritual law and its antagonism to every supposed material law." Therefore, in the study and practice of Christian Science there is no middle ground. There is no intermingling of Spirit and matter, either in cause or in effect. The reason for this may be easily discerned if we understand the basic facts of Christian Science. The allness of God and of His good creation is the premise upon which Mrs. Eddy founded this religion.

The Bible is replete with illustrations of "the supremacy of spiritual law" over "every supposed material law." The Israelites were fed in the wilderness. The widow's supply of oil was increased by Elijah's understanding of the spiritual sense of abundance. The tempest was stilled, the sick were healed, and the dead were raised to life by Christ Jesus through his knowledge of "the supremacy of spiritual law." All these things were accomplished by the proper application of the Science underlying such law.

"No loss can occur"
March 29, 1941

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