[Written Especially for Young People]

WHAT is success? This is a question often discussed; but the world in general finds it difficult to give a definite answer. The reason for differences of opinion on the subject is that people hold very diverse ideas as to what constitutes success. For instance, the phrase "a successful business man" is usually employed to describe one who has gained great material possessions. Yet it is noteworthy that often these riches do not bring happiness; indeed, the reverse is sometimes the case. If a man loses his happiness in the process of acquiring wealth, he cannot be called successful.

As students of Christian Science, we are privileged to turn to the teachings of the Master, Christ Jesus, for our lead on this and every other question. His life and words have influenced the world more than anything else ever did; therefore, we can rightly say that he was "a successful man." His success sprang from the fact that in all things he expressed his Father, God. He claimed no power of his own. "I do nothing of myself," he said to the Jews; but because of divine direction he had dominion over all things. Here is success in its highest and holiest form; and this success is ours, too, in the proportion that we reflect God.

March 8, 1941

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