[Original testimony in German]

I feel impelled to express my gratitude for many proofs...

I feel impelled to express my gratitude for many proofs of instantaneous healing, and wish to relate one such experience. Four years ago one of my sons was suffering from boils, which caused him much discomfort. One boil was located in his armpit. One evening he came and showed me that there were red streaks all over his arm. I advised him to withdraw and study the Bible earnestly, and said that I would declare the truth. It was clear to me that my son was suffering from blood poisoning, and that help was needed immediately. I knew that it was possible for me to realize God's all-power. This I did with joy and gratitude. While I was still realizing God's infinite love, my son came in, saying, "Look, it's all gone!"

Words cannot express my gratitude for all the proofs of divine Love that have been through the unselfish love and tireless work of our beloved Leader, who revealed to us the boundless love of our Father. —Antoinette, Countess Raczynska, Obersitz, Germany.

February 1, 1941

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