In deep gratitude I desire to give a testimony of my...

In deep gratitude I desire to give a testimony of my healing.

Over three years ago, I experienced gradually a stiffening and swelling of the joints which was also very painful, and finally I became so crippled that I was unable to walk without assistance and much pain. My husband was a druggist, and we had living quarters in the rear of the store building, which had a cement floor. A doctor and others said that the cement floor was the cause of my condition, and that I would have to get away from the store and off the cement floor. By some it was said to be inflammatory rheumatism, and it was also more specifically diagnosed as arthritis by a physician who had had much experience with such ailments. At last I was unable to do any work, and became very much depressed at my seeming inactivity and uselessness. At my husband's suggestion and with his help, we wrote to ask a Christian Science friend to accompany me to a southwestern city, where I immediately asked a practitioner for help.

Testimony of Healing
As a Jewish boy I was brought up to fear God, a God who...
May 18, 1940

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