Earning Promotion

Learning to express Godlikeness is earning promotion. The greatest step toward advancement is preparedness to do the work advancement brings. This, however, is not always seen by the one who believes himself to be deserving of but not obtaining promotion. Christian Science says to such a one, Raise your thinking out of pettiness, out of acceptance of stagnation, out of a belief in being badly used, out of discouragement and self-pity, into uplifted, intelligent, industrious, and confident expectancy! God, divine Principle, alone is power, and man is His image; God is the only lawgiver, and the controller of all that really exists. Knowing this, we understand that the conforming of our thought to Principle will bring us advancement and supply.

Building thought on the true spiritual foundation gives confidence, adds dignity to one's capabilities and initiative, and interest to one's outlook. Christian Science destroys personal egotism and vanity. It reveals the glorious fact that man as Mind's idea, Love's expression, possesses by reflection all the qualities of his original. Thus the student of Christian Science sees his real selfhood as a son of God; and in proportion as he expresses his real being he becomes a better employer, employee, citizen, or neighbor. Unless one thus values his true selfhood as God's expression, and proves it in his living, he need not be surprised if others do not value his services.

God's Perfection Is Our Protection
May 18, 1940

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