On Doing a Good Business

AMONG the words of Jesus left to posterity are those em-bodying that interesting and significant question which, when a child, he propounded to Mary and Joseph when they returned to Jerusalem in search of him: "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" His "Father's business"! What was that business, which was of such interest to the twelve-year-old boy? The least informed of today's Christians know that it was concerned with the things of God.

Later on, the mission of Christ Jesus included the saving of sinners, the protecting of the weak, the uplifting of the unhappy, the healing of the sick, and the raising of the dead. Not only that, but, most important of all, his mission was to acquaint men with the nature of God, so that they could themselves do healing work such as he did. This was and is the meaning of being about the Father's business.

"Conscious goodness"
July 8, 1939

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