Because I have never known anything but Christian Science,...

Because I have never known anything but Christian Science, a recent experience made me realize how much I owe to this new-old truth. Divine Love brought me out of a condition for which material means offered no help.

After visiting my parents in a neighboring town one evening, my husband and I had started homeward in our car, when it was suddenly completely demolished by a car coming toward us, driven by an intoxicated person. The two passengers in this person's car, my husband, and I were rushed immediately to a hospital; and the driver was apprehended while trying to run away. My husband regained consciousness sufficiently to request attendants to notify my parents. Work in Christian Science was immediately commenced, and in four days my husband was able to return home. At the end of ten days I was removed to the home of my parents, but it was three weeks before I regained consciousness. Even while I was still unconscious, whenever a familiar quotation from the Bible or Mrs. Eddy's writings was commenced aloud in the room, I would immediately repeat and finish it.

Testimony of Healing
In doing my housework one day I had to move a heavy...
October 14, 1939

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