The Unreality of Old Age

Some few years ago, a Christian Science practitioner pointed out to a young student the need for alertness with regard to the false belief of old age, with all its unhappy accompaniments, and how necessary it is for us to protect ourselves from this belief. The student was very grateful for this wise counsel, and pondered the matter a great deal. She saw how insidious the false law of old age is, and how it may cause sincere workers in Christian Science to manifest weakness and decrepitude, if they have not been sufficiently awake to the truth.

Christian Science teaches us that evil in all its forms is unreal, because God did not make it. In the first chapter of Genesis we read, "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." And "old age" certainly is not "very good." One cannot think of God as other than absolutely perfect. How then can man, who, as we learn in Christian Science, is the reflection of God, be less than perfect? How can the real man possibly become old, decrepit, weak, or inharmonious in any way?

Divine Direction
October 14, 1939

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