Permit me a few remarks in regard to the article "God's...


Permit me a few remarks in regard to the article "God's Miracle at Mottlingen" in No. 9 of the Immergrun. The author recognizes that even nowadays healings of sickness are brought about through prayer, and that this is in agreement with the teachings of Christ Jesus. During the last seventy years, many thousands of people have been healed of sin, sickness, misery, and despair through Christian Science. The author of your article does not know why Mary Baker Eddy has called her teaching Christian Science; but if he reads on page 25 of her book "Retrospection and Introspection," he will learn the reason. Those who thoroughly study the books of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, comparing them with the Bible, will find that the name is well chosen. In these materialistic modern times it is well to know that not only the words, but also the works, of Jesus are still valid and operative, which is what Christian Science teaches; and for this all Christians should be grateful.

A Paean of Praise
April 17, 1937

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