It is with a deep sense of love and gratitude that I send...

It is with a deep sense of love and gratitude that I send this testimony, acknowledging God to be the healer of all our problems. Many years ago, in The Christian Science Journal, I expressed gratitude for my first healing and the healing of my mother. These healings occurred over twenty years ago, and since then the truth which Jesus said would make us free, and which Christian Science teaches, has met my every need.

I should like to tell of a healing of my son, who attends the Christian Science Sunday School. He was playing with a tin toy consisting of a piece of spiral wire and propeller. He was shooting the propeller up into the air, but on one occasion it went up just a little bit and with great force shot back into his eye, cutting the eyeball very severely. My husband, not then being interested in Christian Science, rushed off with him to an eye hospital, and we were told that there was little or no hope of saving the eye, but that they would try to save the other one, as it would probably be affected. Although previously the boy and I had had no fear, for immediately the thing occurred we declared the truth of the allness of God and knew, as Mrs. Eddy tells us in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," that there are no accidents in God's kingdom, yet I found my thoughts becoming very fearful and dark after hearing the medical verdict. I asked if I might use the telephone, and I got in touch with a Christian Science practitioner. Her reassuring words of God's healing power and ever-present love filled my consciousness, and my joy immediately returned; it was as if a burden had dropped from my shoulders, and all fear had gone. I ran around the long corridor singing for joy and told my husband all was well. They wished to keep the boy in the hospital to rest and keep his eye covered, hoping at the end of the week to perform an operation, which, needless to say, was not performed.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago I suffered from headaches and a sickness...
April 17, 1937

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