In a report in your issue of August 21 of the Modern...

Chatham, Rochester, and Gillingham News

In a report in your issue of August 21 of the Modern Churchmen's Conference at Oxford, a clergyman is quoted as having said, "There are several kinds of psychotherapy; for example, Christian Science, Coueism, autosuggestion."

The teachings of Christian Science rest on a basis entirely different from the other systems mentioned above and should not, therefore, be classified with them. On page 9 of her work "Unity of Good" Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes: "What is the cardinal point of the difference in my metaphysical system? This: that by knowing the unreality of disease, sin, and death, you demonstrate the allness of God. This difference wholly separates my system from all others. The reality of these so-called existences I deny, because they are not to be found in God, and this system is built on Him as the sole cause. It would be difficult to name any previous teachers, save Jesus and his apostles, who have thus taught."

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