One Perfect Heritage

Some individuals are depressed by the conviction that sooner or later they are doomed to express family failings in one way or another. When secret fears are entertained, they are likely to affect one's standard of health and morals. But this need not be. Real heritage has the support of spiritual law, and it is a boon, not a bane.

Man's irrevocable heritage is oneness with God, the only creator. In bringing this heritage to light, Christian Science frees those who have believed themselves deprived of righteousness, prosperity, and health, owing to theories of heredity or other discordant circumstances. The eighteenth chapter of Ezekiel describes how supposedly hereditary stains may be effaced and personal shortcomings redeemed. It makes plain that there is no longer any handicap for one who turns from the old evil ways and establishes his own true sonship by right doing.

March 6, 1937

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