Extracts from Reports of Christian Science Committees on Publication

Im March [1936], a religious paper opened one of its periodic attacks on Christian Science, and on this occasion the shafts were directed mainly against the life and character of Mrs. Eddy. So far it has not been possible to persuade the editor of this paper to publish my replies, but I was gratified to find that he published a letter from one who, I understand holds a responsible position in the denomination represented by the periodical in question. In that letter the writer took strong exception to the unfair attack; he made it clear that he is not a Christian Scientist, but likes to think that he is "a seeker after truth and a lover of fair play." He added: "I have some very good friends to whom her [Mrs. Eddy's] teaching has meant freedom from fear, conquest of pain and sickness, new hope, new joy, and new understanding of God ... I, for one, cannot believe that they are followers of a hypocrite." This letter evoked a further bitter attack, to which our friend replied, and the concluding paragraph of his letter read: "I think it ought to be our general principle as Christian Advocates to study the good in others and the bad in ourselves. Dr. sees only the tares in Christian Science. I claim to see the wheat, and my only plea is fair play, the attitude of Jesus himself—'let both grow together until the harvest.' There will be a glorious bonfire of chaff some day and it won't be all in other people's gardens."

A request was received from a local group of Toc H for an address on Christian Science, and permission was obtained from The Christian Science Board of Directors. The address was given, and eleven members of the group were present. After the usual Toc H formalities had been gone through, we gathered round the fireside, and I was called upon to proceed. The reading was listened to with keen interest, and at its conclusion I was asked to relate some of my experiences in Christian Science. A very friendly attitude was manifested by the listeners.

From a letter dated 1886
March 6, 1937

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