Availability of God's Goodness

God's universe is wholly good. How can we say this? Because God, the one and only creator, is perfect. It is a marvelous truth this, which Christian Science invites all mankind to contemplate and share, that God, good, is All-in-all, and that the universe which expresses Him, being His reflection, is wholly good.

When one learns that God is All-in-all, and that His universe is Godlike, he begins immediately to regard existence in an entirely new light. He perceives that, since God is Spirit and All, God's creation must be altogether spiritual; that in reality there is no material creation. Also, that since God is perfect—altogether good—in reality there is nothing the opposite of good in existence—there is no evil. To the beginner in the study of Christian Science this knowledge is revolutionary in its effects; for as he grasps the truth it at once begins to reverse, for him, all the false beliefs about life, substance, and intelligence which he formerly held.

"Hate no one"
February 27, 1937

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