May I say how much pleasure it gives me to be here this...

May I say how much pleasure it gives me to be here this evening, and also express some mild surprise at the size of this meeting. The cable of invitation that I received in London referred to a meeting of three committees, Literature Distribution, Circulation, and Monitor Advertising Information Committees. I know you do things in a big way in this country, but I never imagined that three committees would present such an appearance as this meeting presents.

Of course, it is not so important that we meet as an organized body as that we gather in the name of the one Mind. Then, gathered as we are in this building, we can almost hear our beloved Leader telling us (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 247) that, "if we are of one Mind," the "whole world will feel the influence of this Mind." Having never served on any one of the three committees, it seems to me that I very nearly qualify for the second category in Bernard Shaw's epigram, "Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach."

The Answer
February 20, 1937

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