For over forty years Christian Science has been the...

For over forty years Christian Science has been the only physician in my household. We were led to investigate it at a time of great need, when we were living in the Middle West. Science was unknown in this community, but through the insistence of a friend who had been healed by a practitioner in a distant city in a few treatments, after being given up by physicians as incurable, we were persuaded to write this practitioner to find out if he could do anything for a member of the family who was on the verge of collapse after a long period of ill-health and disappointment in not finding any relief from materia medica. Speedy relief followed the absent treatments. This led to my earnest investigation of Christian Science through the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and through correspondence with this practitioner, who gave me much encouragement in my effort to gain an understanding of how to use the healing power of the Scriptures, which I had studied from childhood. To my great joy I found, before many months, that I could prove the truth for myself, and I let no opportunity pass to apply what I had learned in helping my children with any ailment that appeared, as well as in helping any domestic animal in need.

Science and Health was my constant companion. My health, which had been poor for a long time, greatly improved. I longed to share this new-found joy, and through correspondence with relatives aroused their interest, so that my mother, who was well advanced in years, was induced to turn to Christian Science for help after a severe attack of sickness which was not remedied by any medical treatment. She was soon healed, and after this healing enjoyed better health than she had for many years. My father and other relatives were also greatly helped following my mother's healing. So, for four generations my people have enjoyed the blessings of Christian Science. Most of my children and grandchildren have known no other help. Many serious diseases have been healed, and several cases of broken bones and dislocations have been healed without any surgical assistance.

Testimony of Healing
My gratitude for Christian Science is unbounded
December 11, 1937

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