"The sunlight of Soul"

Perhaps one is entertaining a material concept of himself believing himself poor, discouraged, perchance sick and forsaken, and seeming to exist in a world that has for him little light or outlook. But one does not have to hold to this aspect. He may turn from it to Christian Science, whose "sweet harmonies," as Mrs. Eddy says, "are found to correct the discords of sense, and to lift man's being into the sunlight of Soul" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 202). Then, blessed by the teachings of Christian Science, there dawns in the consciousness of this weary one perhaps just a ray of the vision of true spiritual existence. And this glimpse commences to remove the gloom, correct the mistaken and distorted view, and lift his consciousness into the realm of reality, "into the sunlight of Soul."

Everyone who has experienced the joy of seeing the sun appear after days of storm and cloud knows how it warms and vivifies the earth. It brightens every leaf and intensifies color in bud and flower. Objects become clearly defined, and even distant mountain peaks so long hidden from sight loom as if close at hand. The sunshine makes all the world gay and bright, and as the dullness slips away, how good it seems to enjoy so glorious a day!

Education in the Sunday School
September 26, 1936

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