That the truth of Christian Science can be proved I have...

That the truth of Christian Science can be proved I have ample evidence. I have been healed of many severe physical difficulties, including a withered and totally useless hand and arm, which are now so nearly normal that they are never noticed. During my junior year at college a lifelong chronic trouble culminated in a severe attack of acute indigestion. The university physicians sent me home with the statement that they did not want me to die on their hands. I am grateful to say that through the help of a Christian Science practitoiner I was back at school three weeks later and was able to pass all my yearly examinations, which occurred within a month. Once or twice this difficulty reappeared, but was overcome very quickly and has not returned for the past ten years.

For the physical healings I am very grateful, but they are of minor importance when compared to the mental and spiritual results of Christian Science. I am most grateful for a sense of peace and security, for adequate supply, and for the means of eliminating all forms of discord from my life—not only the major problems of health and gaining a livelihood, but also the petty bickerings and annoyances encountered in daily contacts with others.

I Walk with God
May 25, 1935

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