Bible Notes

"Deliver every man his soul" (Jer. 51:6)—The Hebrew word "nephesh," here rendered "soul," can also mean "life" (Brown, Driver, Briggs: Hebrew Lexicon, p. 659); consequently, Smith translates: "Save everyone his life;" and Moffatt: "Save your lives." The meaning could be well represented by the familiar French phrase: "Sauve qui peut."

"The Lord hath brought forth our righteousness" (Jer. 51:10)—It may be noted that the word "tsedakah," here rendered "righteousness," can also mean "vindication, justification"; "righteousness in a case or cause" (Brown, etc., op. cit., p. 842). Hence, one might almost render: "The Lord has proved our innocence." Moffatt translates: "The Eternal has made good our cause;" and Smith: "The Lord has vindicated our rights."

Testimony of Healing
In 1924 I was suffering from tuberculosis of the lungs...
May 25, 1935

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