Someone has well said that of all the flowers which bloom in the garden of God, none is sweeter or more fragrant than humility. None is conducive to greater joy, none is productive of greater peace. Humility is always found growing alongside the blossoms of love and contentment. It is a perennial flower, unfading and abiding. It is indigenous to the soil of spirituality, is always found in the soil of purity, and is associated with honesty. Christian Science not only teaches the desirability of humility but unfolds to its followers the Science of humility, how to attain it and retain it. As we grasp its true nature, its loveliness and grandeur so permeate our thought that all else drops away as an outworn garment.

In "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" our Leader has given us this beautiful truth (p. 255): "In divine Science all belongs to God, for God is All." Since God is All-in-all, He is the source of all, the creator of all, the basis of all, the foundation of all, the Life of all, and is forever the all and only of Being. His creation is the emanation, the reflection, the expression, or the manifestation of His divine allness. His infinitude includes all, enfolds all, and expresses all. His creation lives, moves, and has its being in God's infinite love, is sustained by infinite Mind, and reflects the harmony of infinite Soul. God and His creation are forever at one, for there could be nothing outside of or beyond His all-encircling love, His all-encompassing truth.

"My brother's keeper"
May 25, 1935

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