"Keep thyself pure"

Spirit, the only substance, is the essence of purity. Thought emanating from God, infinite Mind, is entirely spiritual, and therefore entirely pure. From this basis everyone can waken to obey the high behest of Paul to Timothy, "Keep thyself pure."

How, it may be asked, shall one in the midst of apparent materiality grow spiritually-minded? By methodically setting apart an adequate quota of time daily for the study of Christian Science, and, further, by devoting all his thought and energy to living what he understands of the truth of being. For this study time can always be found if it is truly desired. Nourished by Truth and Love, human consciousness is spiritually equipped to rise above the assaults of mental suggestion and to respond to the call of good. Steadfastly acquired and applied knowledge of Christian Science dissociates one from evil and identifies one here and now with the supremacy of Mind. To the Christian Scientist, trained as he is in intelligent thinking, the starting point of everything real is the infinitude of God, good. As solar light outshines the night, so does the light of Truth outshine, in human consciousness, the dark beliefs of ignorant evil and the false claims of material attraction. Spiritual intuitions inevitably reject materialistic suggestions, and so render our obedience to the Ten Commandments perfectly natural.

Rejoicing and Healing
May 25, 1935

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